Performance Load: Week 3 – Question 3

Q3) The authors borrowed ideas traditionally studied by the psychology to discuss effective visual design. Why do you think a study of psychology is necessary (or not necessary) in design (100 – 150  words)

Design principles are the basis of strong designs, aiding the users perception based on the visual design of a product, good or service. The understanding of users physiological responses in particular situations provides an ability to anticipate user response and produce a good accordingly. Stewart (2015) ascertains the importance of producing a positive user experience and the benefit of reducing cognitive load, which is understood thanks to psychological study. The ability to alter a product in accordance with a demographic or psychographic allows for the potential of increased success through increased usability, consistency and decreasing the users performance load. Thus, the study of psychology is very crucial in influencing design and beneficial in consistently improving user experience.



Stewart, T. (2015). User experience. Behaviour & Information Technology, 34(10), 949-951. doi:10.1080/0144929X.2015.1077578


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